Specialty Act

The One Arm Bandit is bringing his Black Mouth Cur Hounds, horse or mule and buffalo to town.

John Payne, the One Arm Bandit, has won the national Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Specialty Act of the Year twelve times.. There is just nothing else like this performance, an unbelievable display of communication between a man and his animals. Wherever he performs, he steals the show.

Whip in hand, dogs at his bidding, he herds buffalo from horse or mule-back onto the bed of a truck and even on the roof of a stock trailer.

He will also ride in the Sisters Rodeo Parade, sometimes in a breathtaking performance with his horse on the roof of a moving stock trailer.

The One Arm Bandit and Company has taken their legendary act throughout the United States, Canada and Dubai. This Act has been seen at some of the top horse shows and rodeos in the nation, always stunning an appreciative crowd. His son and daughter are now carrying on the tradition.

One Armed Bandit - Sisters Rodeo