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(A Nonprofit Organization)

Welcome to the 84th Sisters Rodeo!

We have provided the following information to help make your visit and stay more enjoyable.  

Directions to the Sisters Rodeo grounds:

  • From Sisters-go through the town of Sisters and head east to Bend on Hwy 20, we are located 3 miles the right, next to the Bend/Sisters Garden RV park.
  • From Redmond-take Hwy 126 West heading to Sisters, Turn left onto Cloverdale Rd, Turn right onto Hwy 20 West, turn right next to the Bend/Sisters Garden RV park
  • From Bend-take Hwy 20 West, turn left on Peterson Ridge Road to the contestant parking


  • Parking for all contestants is in the back grass area left of the Kiwanis Buckaroo breakfast building (the “Golf Course”).
  • All parking in front of the arena is reserved for the rodeo spectators.
  • We do not have RV or camp hook ups, our parking is a dry lot.
  • You are welcome to stay overnight, but please make sure to bring everything you will need, clean up after your horses, throw away all garbage and leave the “Golf Course” as nice as when you first arrived.
  • We will provide as many garbage bags and cans as needed.
  • Our volunteers and members work hard all week and the clean-up goes much faster when everyone helps out.
  • Please do not connect your trailer to the water faucets directly unless you use a “Y” connector. This will allow others who need access to retrieve water for their livestock as well.
  • Please do not tie your horses to the fences or water faucets for safety issues.
  • Please use the horse alley along Peterson Ridge Road when you are traveling to the arena-this will help with traffic congestion while spectators are getting parked.
  • Thank you!!

Contestant and Team Bronc Riding Check-in:

At the lawn of the Clubhouse there will be a pop up tent and sign stating: “Visiting Royalty and Contestant Check in.”

Here is the process:

  • One of our members will provide you with information before you go to the main rodeo office.
  • Please provide your name to confirm your arrival.
  • You only need to check in with our committee member once.
  • If you are returning for a 2nd performance and need additional tickets for your family please let our committee member aware of your situation. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • When you check in at the main rodeo office with Edie (the rodeo Secretary) please make sure to sign the rodeo posters we will be auctioning off to help raise funds for local non-profits in our area.

Rodeo Office:

Located in the Clubhouse on the far left side of the building. The office has its own entrance away from the main doors of the Clubhouse.


  • All competing contestants will need their back numbers on you at all times to get thru the arena gates. This will help our security team in keeping our back gate area safe and protected.
  • Please understand we will do our best to allow everyone who needs to be in the back area access. Our security team will be doing the best they can over a week-long event.
  • We ask that non-contestants (family members, friends, children, travel partners, contestants who are not competing that day) do not enter into the back gate area of the arena. This is a high traffic area for arena/contract personnel, media and competing contestants only as we are constricted with limited space.
  • There is no alcoholic beverages or drinking of alcohol allowed in the arena area during the performances. All individuals who come into this area who appear intoxicated will be escorted out by security.
  • Only Arena Personnel with appropriate documentation will be granted access to the back of the arena area.

Companion tickets:

  • Contestants get two tickets per performance.
  • Extra tickets if needed for family members please purchase them at the ticket booth.
  • You must have a ticket to get into the grand stands, tickets will NOT get you into the back area of the arena.
  • Tickets will need to be purchased ahead of time.
  • You can order tickets online at

Warm up area:

If you would like to ride your horse in the arena please make sure to do this 4 hours before each rodeo performance. Otherwise we do have a warm up arena on the West side in the back gate area.

Cowboy Channel:

We will have the Cowboy Channel on site.
Please help us in supporting their reporters if they would like to interview you in their broadcast.
We will have committee members directing you to the location of the camera crew to help with set up and production.
If you have any questions/concerns or need anything please feel free to contact any of our Directors. Their contact information is listed at:



Events for the week:


PRCA Xtreme Bulls
Performance starts at 6:30pm
Family style dinner in the Clubhouse (hospitality area) after the performance for all contestants and their families


Breakfast concessions open at 7am
Free Admission starts at 8am
JJ Harrison
Concessions will be available
Locals Night:
Downtown Sisters with all local restaurants, businesses and bars at 5pm


(Arena will close by 3pm. We do have a warm up area you can use if you arrive later in the day.)
Main Gate will open at 5pm
Performance starts at 7pm
You must have a ticket to get into the grand stands for the rodeo.
After the rodeo:
Live band (Dry Canyon Stampede) at the Red Rock Corral
Family style dinner in the Clubhouse for all contestants and their families


Rodeo parade at 9:30am
Downtown Sisters 
Afternoon Performance 1pm
Arena will close by 10am
Main Gate will open at 11am
You must have a ticket to get into the grand stands for the rodeo 
Evening Performance at 7pm
Arena will be closed to prep for evening performance
Main gate will open at 5pm
You must have a ticket to get into the grand stands for the rodeo.
After the rodeo:
Live music at the Red Rock Corral
Family style dinner in the Clubhouse for all contestants and their families


Patriot/Family Day
Kiwanis Buckaroo Breakfast at 7am-11am, $15 per plate
Cowboy Church Service at 9am in the rodeo stands
Arena will be closed to prep for the performance
Main Gate will open at 11am
Final Performance at 1pm  
After the rodeo:
Family style meal in the Clubhouse for all contestants and their families 
Contract Personnel:
Announcer: Wayne Brooks
Stock Contractor: Corey and Lange
Rodeo Secretary: Edie Longfellow
Bullfighters: Danny Newman, Erick Schwindt and Logan Blasdell
Barrel Man: J.J. Harrison
Photographers: Ashley Kendall and Bill Lawless
Vet: Tyler Newton with Tumalo Equine Services
Pick up men: Mitch Coleman, Jacob Stacy
Music Director: Jason Buchanan
Social Media Coordinator: Katie Schrock
Ticket Manager: Jeri Buckmann
Bookkeeper: Taylie Bennett
Roping Chute Boss: Tim Messner
Bucking Chute Boss: Hank Moss