Board of Directors

Curt KallbergPresident

National and Local Sponsors, Contracts, Cheat Sheets for Announcers, Cell Towers and Contracts, Specialty Act Logistics, Shavings and Bedding .


Rodger Dwight - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Rodger Dwight

Vice President

Advertising/Marketing, Parade, Poster Production, Sponsor Contracts, Scholarships


Patty Cordoni - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Patty Cordoni


Media Passes, Security/Ushers, Alcohol Monitors, USFS Campground, Lost and Found, RFD TV Production, CRC Pro Media Production, Elementary school – Slack and Friday Visits, KSJJ – RL, Dignitaries Host, Program Sales


Rick Wageman - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Rick Wagman


Chit Sales and Management, Bleacher Maintenance, Clubhouse Management/Rental, Networking/Credit Cards, ATM Management, Appreciation Party, Non-Rodeo Event Coordinator


Keith Sweeney

Keith Sweeney

Grounds Management/Irrigation, Merchandise, Sound Equipment, Signage, Box Seat/Handicap/Plaza Set-Up, Plaza Management, Box Seat Servers
John Leavitt - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

John Leavitt

Arena Director, Queen Management, Competitor Awards, Lodging for Contract Help, Volunteers/Queens Promotion for Media Interviews, Hay and Feed for Stock, Production Meeting


Tom Crowder - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Tom Crowder

Sanitation, Electrical, Concessions, Ice, Sound, Instant replay, Scoreboard


Frank Jacobsen - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Frank Jacobsen

Adult Beverages, Work Party Management, Construction, Bars/Red Rock Corral Management


Amorita Anstett

Membership, Elections, Website, Social Media, Day Sheets, Program Production, National Anthem, Cowboy Christmas SRA Booth, Volunteer Award Plaques, Press Releases, Scholarships


Brian Witt

Ticket Sales/Donations, Ticket Office Management and Communications, Ticket Gate Management, Contestant Passes, Brochure Production/Distribution, By-Laws, Legal Counsel/Contracts, Insurance, Scholarship 


2021 Board of Directors-missing Keith Sweeney