Board of Directors

Curt KallbergPresident

National/Local/Scoreboard Sponsors, Contracts, Insurance, Construction.

Chris Schaad - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Chris Schaad


Box Seat Servers, Grounds Management/Irrigation, Parking/Highway Safety, Program Sales, Chit Sales and Management

Patty Cordoni - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Patty Cordoni


Security/Alcohol Monitors, USFS Campground, Appreciation Party, Membership/Elections, Newsletters, Website

Rick Wageman - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Rick Wageman

Adult Beverages, Bleacher Maintenance, Clubhouse Management/Rental, Networking/Credit Cards, ATM Management

Bonnie Malone - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Bonnie Malone

Advertising/Promotion, Media Relations, Press Releases/Passes, Scholarships, Program Production, Ushers

Keith Sweeney

Keith Sweeney

Sound Equipment, Ground Management/Irrigation, Plaza Management, Work Party Management, Signage, Box Seats/Handicap/Plaza Setup

Tom Crowder - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Tom Crowder

Sanitation, Electrical, Concessions/Ice 

Rodger Dwight - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

Rodger Dwight

Parade, Local Sponsors, Arena Signs/Banners, Poster Production, Plaza Ambassador, Major Sponsor Contracts

John Leavitt - Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors

John Leavitt

Arena Director, Queen Management, Contestant Awards, Lodging for Contract Help

Gary Baker

Merchandise, Shuttle, Grounds Clean Up

Kathy Martin

Ticket Sales/Donations, Ticket Office Management and Communications, Ticket Gate Management, Contestant Passes, Brochure Production/Distribution