Sisters Rodeo gives over $35,000 every year in financial support and in-kind donations to non-profits, especially those supporting youth and our western heritage in the area.

During the rodeo, many organizations raise money working in concessions at the rodeo grounds. Other groups do grounds maintenance after each performance, sell posters and programs and help with shutting down operations after the weekend. For some of them this is their biggest fundraiser of the year. “Our philosophy is to support the Sisters community that has supported us for 81 years.” John Rodgers, past rodeo treasurer explained. “In lean years for the rodeo, the community helped us, and when we are able to do more, that is what we want to do, by giving back.”

The rodeo association’s purpose is to produce an outstanding rodeo that draws the best of professional competitors in the nation. With its large purses and the early-season timing, the association has been very successful for the last 8 decades. Due to this continued success the Sisters rodeo remains dedicated to being a strong supporter of the Sisters country. One of the many ways we support our community is by ticket and monetary donations. In 2022 the SRA donated over $1850 in tickets.

The following are a few of the different organizations and non-profits we donate to: