Rodeo Parade 75th Anniversary Sisters Rodeo held in 2015 © Gary N. Miller, Sisters Country Photography

SRA Royalty Reunion-2015

We invite all past royalty to our private Facebook page, please make sure to join us:

If you have pictures, names or information in regards to our past rodeo royalty please send to:

2020-22 Mary Olney 80th, 81st, 82nd
2017 Emylia Breckel/Cox (2019 Miss NPRA)
2014 Brooklyn Nelson/Bush
2011 Emily Clark (Miss NPRA 2012)
2009 Cassie Sanders (Miss NPRA 2007)
2005 Miska Asman 65th
2000 Dana Salo/Hall 60th
1992 Michelle Holliday/ McMichael (Miss Rodeo Oregon 1993)
1991 Kitty Sharp/Lauman (Miss Rodeo Oregon 1994)
1990 Lana Lenhard 50th
1985 Ronda Isaacson 45th
1983 Cheurice Hall-Queen
Lisa Lutton-Princess
1978 Patty Oatman-Queen
Lori Schaffer/Hutchingson-Princess
Cindy Graham/Erickson-Princess
1975 Terry Hardie/Arnold-Queen 35th
Julie Lewin/Galleton-Princess
Cindy Sproat/Haney-Princess
1973 Linda Sproat-Queen
Terry Hardie/Arnold-Princess (Miss NPRA 1977)
Patty Allen/Sleeman-Princess
Dalarie Smead-Princess
Leslie McCoin-Princess
1971 Unknown
1970 Vicki McNulty/Van Clavee-Queen 30th
Bobbie Wainwright/Gordon-Princess
Shannon Maddox-Princess
Allyson Cartwright-Princess
Carol Elliott-Princess
1967 Unknown
1966 Cathy Maul/Kaech-Queen
Nellie Mouser-Princess
Nanette Rutecki-Princess
1965 Unknown-25th

1964 Colleen Gilland-Queen

Stella Lewin/Rowe-Princess
Nancy Hafter-Princess
Ronalie Hunking/Siler-Princess
Patty Hammack/Hall-Toll-Princess
Sue Ivory-Princess
1962 Rita Davis/Hollingsworth-Queen
Suzie Lowery/Tewalt-Princess
Bonnie Nordman-Princess
Georganne Dowse/Pfnister-Princess

1961 Terrie Hunking-Queen

Susan Barclay/Busick-Princess
Donna Smith/Cole-Princess
Candy Reynolds-Princess
1960 Unknown 20th
Gail Marr-Princess
Georgia Elliott-Princess
Gail Marr-Princess
Barbara Nordman-Princess
Barbara Nordman-Princess
Maxine Meacham-Princess
Rita Welsh-Princess
Nancy Campbell-Princess
Jean Stanton-Princess
Earlene Clark-Princess
1954 Barbara Carlile-Queen
1953 Connie Clark-Queen
Agness Thomberg-Princess
Sandra Mitchell-Princess
Yvonne Waddle-Princess
1951 Karama Faye Rice-Queen
1950 Danna Mills-Queen
1948 Doris Luckenbill-Queen
1947 Onita Buckley-Queen
Neva Winebarger-Princess
Helen Carter-Princess
Thelka Harding-Princess
Dorothy Musick-Princess
1946 Bett Wilkerson-Queen
1943 Mary Stanton-Queen
1942 Edna Demaris-Queen
1941 Unknown
1940 Mary Saxton (1st Queen)