We are honored to recognize our Members of the Year for 2021

Bob and Terri Ayres

Even with no rodeo this year these dedicated members spend many hours taking care of the rodeo grounds and making sure it was still looking like we were ready to hold an event. It is because of amazing individuals like Bob and Terri that we are able to hold a world class rodeo and have the fantastic facilities that we have.

Special recognition goes out to our contracted personnel Yvette Moore for her 17 years of service to the rodeo.

Marcus Peck for his support and dedication during the wild fires and helping the firefighters with all of their needs while they stayed on the rodeo grounds.

Patty Cordoni was presented with the Justin Boots Director award for her hard work and dedication this past year.

Thank you to all of our members, directors and volunteers for their countless hours and effort for our association. 

Past recipients:

2020 No rodeo due to COVID

2019 Bruce and Marilyn Barker

2018 Jeri Buckmann

2017 Cheryl Bill and Mike Shepherd

2016 Amanda Fildes and Mike Gallagher

2015 Dale Martin and Sheryn Bagley

2014 John Baldwin and Eula Curtis

2013 Rick Diener and Diane Prescott

2012 Frank Jacobsen, Patty Cordoni, Ernie and Alinda Dunn

2011 Hans and Kay Teufl

2010 TW Scannell and Dixie Morken

2009 Gary Frazee and Bonnie Knox

2008 John Morris