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2016 Sisters Rodeo Queen Alyson FazzolariBreckel crowned Rodeo Queen

Emylia Breckel was crowned as the 2017 Sisters Rodeo Queen on Sunday, September 25, at Sisters Rodeo grounds. She gave a vibrant speech praising Sisters Country and the rodeo before riding her horse, Dutch, in an impressive display of horsemanship and training.

Six young women competed for the title. The judges felt that this may have been the most skilled group of contestants they have scored in many years.

"Rodeo queens are more than big hair and sparkly outfits," Breckel said in a speech to a large crowd. "They strive to inspire the next generation of cowgirls and cowboys."

Breckel served as the Deschutes County Rodeo Queen for 2016. She is a Mountain View High School and Baker Charter School graduate who hopes to pursue an education in the medical field. Currently, she is employed at GPI Pro, a camera stabilization company in Bend.

"We're friends and neighbors, strangers, coming together united as one," is how Breckel described rodeo. "I am proud to be representing not only the sport of rodeo and the Western way of life, but also this remarkable association."

As a way to encourage others to pursue their goals, Breckel expressed, "Work at it until it is accomplished. It took me three tryouts and two years of dedication before I won my first title."

"She's a social butterfly," said her mom, Michelle. "She has done skits for the family at major holidays since she was a small girl, because she wanted to entertain us."

Throughout school years, Breckel's only competitive sports interest was related to horses. She was a member of the Mountain View Oregon High School Equestrian Team.

"Horses have always been her passion," said Michelle.

Her older sister, Montana, said Breckel was always the first to try anything, like getting on a scary horse or taking the toughest challenge, and has always been the life of the party.

The rodeo queen contest is rated on speaking ability, responses to questions posed by judges, and mostly on horsemanship. Breckel will represent Sisters Rodeo at all the rodeos in the Columbia River Circuit and at special community events throughout Oregon and southern Washington.

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